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Road of Break the Records SUBBING??

 I've been away from subbing for two years...  How is everyone?
 (Of course I've always loved KAT-TUN so much!)

Now I happen to have some time and I'm wondering
if anybody has subbed "Road of Break the Records"??
It's a documentary that came with Break the Records live DVD.

Today I was watching it and I checked some KAT-TUN
fandom sites but didn't find subbed one, so if it's not subbed yet,
I'd love to do it.

It has lots of interviews with each member of KAT-TUN
(including Jin) and their thought about their concerts, music,
fans and other members.  It's definately worth watching!


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8th Aug, 2010 11:01 (UTC)
whoa!~~~it's been like years since i saw u posted!!!!! [2 years is it?] how's the job?how's life? uwa!~~i'm somewhat r more interested to know abt ur life now..LOL <-too excited..lol..pardon for the privacy intrusion XDD
8th Aug, 2010 11:04 (UTC)
oh,forgot to answer the question..someone subbed it alrdy ^o^
8th Aug, 2010 11:22 (UTC)
Thank you!
Whoa! Quick response!!

Great to hear that you remember me ^^
(Some stories of KAT-TUN and other JEs later from my workplace! hehe)
8th Aug, 2010 11:25 (UTC)
Re: Thank you!
LOL..happen to refresh the browser when u posted i guess XDDD well,of course i remember..always lurk here for cKT subs b4 XDD nyahaha..will be waiting for the inside story then XDDD
8th Aug, 2010 11:02 (UTC)
Hi Chikara! I've missed you! :D:D:D and your subs too :D

This video has been subbed already by Newshfan but if you're planning to sub it too then it will be much better.. the more versions of it the better :D

8th Aug, 2010 11:24 (UTC)
Thank you!
Thank you for the response and remembering me!!

Now I know it's already been subbed, but with the reason as you said,
I'll sub it anyway ^^; The more versions the better!
8th Aug, 2010 11:07 (UTC)
Wow, it's been ages since I last saw you! :o Hope you've been doing well~

Like those above me have said, a certain subber already did it, but considering how she's not exactly what I'd call the most accurate subber out there, I wouldn't mind if you redid it. :P I was actually rather pissed that she was the one who subbed that clip. lol
8th Aug, 2010 11:28 (UTC)
Thank you!
Thank you for the quick response!

Yes it's been ages since I last posted here...>_<
But I think I can start subbing again although slowly.

Considering what you told me and other girls' comments,
I'll sub the documentary any way : )
8th Aug, 2010 11:09 (UTC)
glad your back, yap its already subbed by newshfan. but if u want to u can :) im sure to dl it too.
8th Aug, 2010 11:29 (UTC)
Thank you!
Thank you for the response!!

Yes I'll sub it anyway : )
8th Aug, 2010 11:33 (UTC)
Welcome back! How are you doing now? Hope things are well with you.

I'm glad to read in the comments that you will still sub the documentary. ^_^
8th Aug, 2010 11:34 (UTC)
OMG you are back ^__^v

8th Aug, 2010 11:37 (UTC)
lol...i flailed too much, i just got exoited because man it was 2007 when you first started subbing CK-KT...

ano....how about cartoon kat-tun *bricks*....LOL

8th Aug, 2010 11:40 (UTC)
Welcome Back, Chikara ...i'm very glad you came back ..i was feeling bad after Newshfan hiatus ...but now i feel like i'm revived ...will look forward your upcoming subs :)
8th Aug, 2010 11:44 (UTC)
omg!! you are back...
*um i know I might sound like a creepy stalker.. but... HUGS**
8th Aug, 2010 11:47 (UTC)
okaerinasai \o/

im so so glad u coming back *hugs* and koki welcoming you hehehehe
8th Aug, 2010 11:53 (UTC)
omg, you're back. Welcome back~♥

As others have already answered your question I won't answer it again.
8th Aug, 2010 11:54 (UTC)
okaeri!!!!!!!! *hugssss*

hope you can sub the clip *-* a real KT fan must be the one subbing KT clips!! ^_____^

I´m glad you come back ^^
8th Aug, 2010 12:09 (UTC)
WELCOME BACK!!!!!! \\^o^//
8th Aug, 2010 12:10 (UTC)
OMG you're back *hugs
welcome back chikara san
how are you??
8th Aug, 2010 12:14 (UTC)
Welcome back chikara ^^
I'm waiting for your sub ^^
8th Aug, 2010 12:15 (UTC)
I forgot to ask you one question
Can I add you? Thank you ^^
8th Aug, 2010 12:42 (UTC)
Thank you for the message!

Of course! Please add me : )
8th Aug, 2010 12:19 (UTC)
Welcome back! I loved your CTKT subs and would definitely dl any KT clip you found the time to share with us ♥ ♥ ♥
8th Aug, 2010 12:20 (UTC)

i don't know if i commented back then in your entries~ but i really love your subs. thank youuu so much, btw.
8th Aug, 2010 12:53 (UTC)
wow..ur back~~
okaeri!! \(^o^)/

i always love ur subs for ctkt,very grateful for your works before,arigato gozaimasu! :)
i would love to DL 'Road of Break the Records' if u're planning to sub it.

p/s:i'm wondering if i could add u? *shy*
8th Aug, 2010 13:21 (UTC)
Thank you for the message!

Of course! Please add me : )
8th Aug, 2010 13:33 (UTC)
wee *adding*
thank you ^_^
8th Aug, 2010 13:01 (UTC)
8th Aug, 2010 13:03 (UTC)
Welcome back to fandom!
Hope yo see more KAT-TUN subs from you...
8th Aug, 2010 13:28 (UTC)
welcome back * waves pompoms*
will be looking forward to your subs *__*
8th Aug, 2010 13:32 (UTC)
Echoing all the comments above and welcoming you back XD Look forward to more post from you, subs and all <3
8th Aug, 2010 13:35 (UTC)
welcome back!!
looking forward for your sub!
8th Aug, 2010 13:37 (UTC)
i've been fans of you since forever LOL
but never get chance to thank you for all your hardwork m(_ _)m
someone sub it already :D
can i add you? *shy*
8th Aug, 2010 13:51 (UTC)
You're back! *hugs* I hope rl has been kind to you and that you've had a great time! ♥♥♥
8th Aug, 2010 14:03 (UTC)
i really love your ctkt subbed
when i want add u long time ago, u already hiatus...
so can i add you now?
and sankyuu ^^
8th Aug, 2010 14:09 (UTC)
sorry, i mean okaeriiiii ^^
8th Aug, 2010 14:38 (UTC)
i always love ur sub!!
8th Aug, 2010 19:19 (UTC)
i´m so happy you come back! *hugs*
8th Aug, 2010 20:47 (UTC)
waah it was a hard 2 years without you subbing xD
wellcome back ^^
9th Aug, 2010 09:18 (UTC)
welcome back, and I hope you enjoy fandom again (and subbing if you choose to :) )
10th Aug, 2010 06:39 (UTC)
Really glad to see your return to LJ, and still as a KT fan. Welcome back! :D
16th Aug, 2010 23:02 (UTC)
Wow, welcome back to subbing. It was your subs of cartoon KAT-TUN which brought me into the fandom so I'm glad you are back!
17th Aug, 2010 23:37 (UTC)
Welcome Back!

I didn't know you back then since I am a new fan of kat-tun but i have always been very very very grateful and happy for all the subbing work you did before! It helped not only me but other new fans of kat-tun!

hope you have been well in the last two years! I hope you don't mind if i add you! :-))))
19th Aug, 2010 23:23 (UTC)
i know am late...but.....
When my friends told me that you're back subbing, i was extremely elated. Your subbed CKT vid a few years back was what made me joined this fandom. So...yeah...haha...WELCOME BACK!

1st Oct, 2010 09:16 (UTC)
AH! You're back. KYAAH. Why am I always so late XD
Welcome back! ^^
Can I ask you something? There are still a few cKT episodes I can't find subbed anywhere [not even on index]... will you be subbing cKT again? ^^
31st Oct, 2010 11:06 (UTC)
omg, I have been out of fandom for a few months, and when i though i had come back to check to see, you're back!!!

hahahah, sorry for the late welcome back but OKAERI!!! =)
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