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I'm Alive!

I'm sorry for not posting for long time but I'm in Tokyo alive!

Just found this footage in which we can see where Kame was when the earthquake happened.
He's beautiful as usual!! >_<


Mail from Jin!!


I'm sorry for keeping you waiting.  This is Jin Akanishi.

Actually... my projects are starting up!!

I'm preparing for the US tour right now, but also working on a single and an album.

I'm sure they will be good enough to satisfy you.

So please wait a bit more! lol

Please keep supporting Jin Akanishi!!

I am...

subbing Maru's "HANCHO" drama right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Road of Break the Records" SUBBED!!

It's done!!

"Road of Break the Records" subbed in English
Please download from below ^v^

Softsub (srt file):   MF

Hardsub:    MU   MF

* Hardsub is finally UP!!!!!
Thank you 
toxik1540  for converting and uploading!!
* MF link for hardsub file is up!!!!!  Thank you crovoxisikes for uploading!!
This is why I looove this fandom >_<

(My PC is struggling to make hardsub file... 
 please wait a moment for the hardsub...)

The original DVD-rip by jone_records .

I had deleted all my softwares to sub videos, so I began from finding those softwares.
I forgot how to operate some of the softwares, so it took longer than I expected... haha

Let me remind you the rules...

- Credit chikara21  when uploading or using the subtitles somewhere else.
- Tell me when you want to use my sub file to translate into other languages.
- Comment when you downloading.  Your comments keep me going!!

Must-sees in this video are...
1. Their honest (maybe too honest?!) thoughts and opinions.
2. Kame wondering who to go travelling with.
3. What was in Jin's mind when he came back from LA.
4. Junno appearing in other members' solo (Both on purpose and accidentally)
5. Who Ueda thinks is the person who cares the most about KAT-TUN?
6. Nakamaru's index finger left pointing somewhere as he speaks.

Enjoy!!  ^-^ /

Thank you!!

I'm surprised and so happy to have you kind responses!!!!!
Thank you very much!!!!!

Since last post, I was trying to make the raw file of
"Road to Break the Records" and I kept failing
since I forgot how to do it...(it's been two years!! >_<)

I'm sorry I keep asking but...
Could somebody tell me or upload above file by any chance, please?
HD avi file would be great...
I'm planning to release both hardsub and softsub, and also a raw file.

Thank you in advance!

P.S  Please add me freely to your friends list! : )

Road of Break the Records SUBBING??

 I've been away from subbing for two years...  How is everyone?
 (Of course I've always loved KAT-TUN so much!)

Now I happen to have some time and I'm wondering
if anybody has subbed "Road of Break the Records"??
It's a documentary that came with Break the Records live DVD.

Today I was watching it and I checked some KAT-TUN
fandom sites but didn't find subbed one, so if it's not subbed yet,
I'd love to do it.

It has lots of interviews with each member of KAT-TUN
(including Jin) and their thought about their concerts, music,
fans and other members.  It's definately worth watching!